Struggling with urinary incontinence and its disruptions to your daily activities can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, the innovative technology of Emsella is an excellent non-invasive solution available in Eugene for reducing involuntary urine leakage. This treatment aims to rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles, granting you more control over your bladder.

Though there are different forms of urinary incontinence with varying symptoms, Emsella can treat all forms of this condition. Several treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve your ideal results, but the relief of your urinary incontinence symptoms could be worth it. Contact us today if you want to know how Emsella could help if you struggle with involuntary urine leakage.

What Does Emsella Do?

Emsella is an innovative and non-invasive technology used for reducing urinary incontinence in women. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting pelvic organs, including the bladder. When these muscles become weak, the organs are not fully supported, resulting in a loss of control over the bladder for some women.

While there are three different diagnoses for this condition, all types of incontinence stem from weakened pelvic muscles that are unable to support the bladder. Although, between each type of urinary incontinence, the primary symptom is involuntary urine leakage.

First, stress incontinence happens when urine leaks due to excess pressure on the bladder from actions such as coughing, sneezing, exercising, and laughing. Second, urge incontinence causes an intense, sudden urge to urinate frequently. Lastly, mixed incontinence is when a patient has symptoms of both urge and stress incontinence.

How Emsella Works to Stop Urinary Incontinence

Emsella’s innovative technology aims to strengthen and maintain the pelvic floor muscles, improving their support of the internal organs. The technology uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate thousands of contractions in the pelvic floor muscles. Afterward, a patient gains more control over their bladder and experiences a significant reduction in urinary incontinence as a result.

Patients may notice improvements in bladder control after just one treatment session, with the results continuing to improve over the next several weeks. Further, since Emsella is non-invasive, there is no required down time afterwards. Typically, patients need at least six Emsella treatment sessions for significant improvements, or even elimination, of urinary incontinence symptoms.

After undergoing Emsella, most patients report improved quality of life, as the condition’s symptoms no longer disrupt normal activities. Additionally, patients note a dramatic decline in the use of pads for urine leakages, highlighting the treatment’s effectiveness.

Learn More about Emsella Treatments in Eugene

Urinary incontinence is a daily struggle and may leave some people feeling embarrassed or hesitant to continue their normal activities. Luckily, Emsella is a non-invasive treatment available in Eugene for improving bladder control and stopping involuntary urine leakage. The non-invasive technology forces the muscles to contract, thereby strengthening them and improving their ability to support the bladder.

A vital benefit of Emsella over other treatments is the lack of recovery time, as you can resume your activities immediately after a session. Further, since it utilizes a non-invasive approach, there is minimal discomfort during the procedure and only a few possible side effects thereafter. Reach out to our aesthetic experts to discuss Emsella if you struggle with stress, urge, or combined urinary incontinence and want control of your bladder back.

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