Male breast reduction is used to correct a condition known as gynecomastia, which causes the abnormal development of breast tissue on the male chest. Gynecomastia is very common and affects younger and older men alike. While many men with gynecomastia don’t pursue treatment, male breast reduction offers an effective way to restore a more masculine appearance to your chest.

Dr. Lee B. Daniel is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-known for his body contouring expertise. Dr. Daniel and his team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have years of experience performing male breast reduction and other cosmetic surgery procedures to help men feel more confident about their bodies.

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Before Your Male Breast Reduction

The first step to resolving excess breast tissue is meeting with Dr. Daniel for a pre-surgical consultation. During your consultation, Dr. Daniel will explain the entire procedure from start to finish and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Daniel is a firm believer that each procedure must be customized to every patient for the best results and will discuss your needs with you when determining how best to achieve your ideal outcome.

Your Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Gynecomastia is a condition that doesn’t typically respond to diet and exercise. True gynecomastia involves the growth of glandular breast tissue that isn’t necessarily impacted by your overall weight. For this reason, men who are in otherwise good health but still find that there are abnormal deposits of fat that blur the definition of their pectoral muscles may benefit from male breast reduction for sculpting the contours of the chest.

Male breast reduction is performed under a general anesthetic. To begin the surgery, Dr. Daniel typically will make an incision under the nipple-areola, to access the fatty tissue with minimal scarring.

For gynecomastia that’s primarily the result of excess fat (sometimes called pseudo gynecomastia), liposuction alone may be sufficient to restore more masculine chest contours. However, if glandular tissue is present, surgical excision with a scalpel may be needed for complete removal. Following surgery, Dr. Daniel will then close the incisions with sutures and apply a surgical dressing to cover them.

Healing Process for Your Male Breast Reduction

After your gynecomastia treatment, you can expect bruising and mild swelling around the incision area. Dr. Daniel will likely have you wear a compression garment that will promote healing and help maintain the new slimmer contours of your chest.

You will need to limit your activity at first, although Dr. Daniel will let you know when you can return to your normal routine. Any post-operative discomfort should be well-managed by over-the-counter or prescription medication.

The firmer contours of your chest should steadily become more noticeable as healing progresses. Since the incisions used during male breast reduction are typically small, scarring should be minimal and unobtrusive. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle after your surgery and maintain a steady weight, you should expect to enjoy your results for many years to come.

More Information about Male Breast Reduction

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Male Breast Reduction?

Men with overdeveloped breasts can be good candidates for male breast reduction if they’re of good overall health and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can accomplish.

There really aren’t any age limits associated with male breast reduction, which can help men of all ages feel more confident about their physique.

Can Liposuction Eliminate Male Breasts to Avoid Scarring?

Liposuction can be used to target and remove excess fat in the male breasts, and for some men, this is the only correction that’s needed to give them a satisfactory result. However, for men with true gynecomastia, the real problem is excess glandular breast tissue and skin, which cannot be improved with liposuction alone and instead requires surgical excision.

How Will My Scars Look after Male Breast Reduction?

Scars are a necessary part of male breast reduction, but most men feel the improvement the procedure can offer far outweighs minimal scarring that fades over time. Dr. Daniel makes every effort to place scars strategically for a discreet final result. Surgical skill and experience are key to minimizing scar appearance, so choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in male breast reduction to see the best possible result.

What’s the Recovery Like after Male Breast Reduction?

After your surgery, you should expect to return to light, daily activities within a few days after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will let you know when you’ve healed enough to return to more strenuous activities such as exercising. You will likely have some post-operative discomfort, but most men find any symptoms easily manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.

How Long Will the Results of Male Breast Reduction Last?

In the weeks following surgery, you will continue to see the appearance of your chest improve as swelling subsides and your pectoral muscles become more visible under the skin. The results can be very long-lasting, but be aware that future fluctuations in weight can affect your chest appearance in the future. Commit to maintaining your weight through a healthy diet and exercise to ensure you’ll enjoy your male breast reduction results for years to come.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

Meet Dr. Lee B. Daniel

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee Daniel is trusted by people who want a meticulous, deeply caring doctor.

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