When loose skin and excess fat develop underneath the chin and along the neck or jawline, a double chin and turkey neck could form. However, long-term correction for excess fat, skin, and additional aging signs in these areas is possible with a neck lift in Eugene. Though you will need a few weeks to recover, the operation could rejuvenate your neck and enhance contours for several years to decades afterwards.

Many neck lift patients report feeling significantly more confident in their appearance after cosmetic facial surgery. Schedule a consultation with double board-certified Dr. Lee B. Daniel if you are bothered by your neck, chin, or jawline’s appearance due to loose skin and extra fat.

Common Reasons to Get Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift patients in Eugene undergo surgery mainly to reduce signs of aging on the neck caused by decreased skin laxity and increasing fat deposits. For instance, neck lift surgery can remove loose skin that causes fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging that contribute to a turkey neck appearance. Further, liposuction techniques may be used during a neck lift procedure to remove excess fat and redefine the chin and jawline contours.

The neck muscles thicken and lose tone in some cases, resulting in a prominent, vertical banding appearance. However, neck lift surgery could reposition the underlying muscles and tissues to reduce muscle banding and redefine neck contours. The result is substantially smoother, tighter, and firmer skin, with more visible and youthful-looking neck contours.

Requirements for Neck Lift Surgery in Eugene

As with any surgical procedure, neck lift patients must be in good overall health, refrain from smoking nicotine in the weeks before and after surgery, and maintain a stable weight. If a patient smokes nicotine before surgery or during recovery, it could cause complications during the healing process after a neck lift. Further, weight gain and fluctuations could cause sagging skin and extra neck fat to redevelop after the lift procedure.

Since the operation is invasive, neck lift procedures are better suited for correcting moderate and severe cases of excess fat and sagging skin. Individuals with minor degrees of skin laxity and fat deposits on the neck, chin, and jawline may want to consider non-invasive treatment options instead. Additionally, a neck lift exclusively focuses on enhancing the neck, chin, and jawline, so patients with serve aging signs outside of these areas may want to consider facelift surgery instead.

Ask Dr. Daniel about Neck Lift Procedures in Eugene

Though everyone develops aging signs on their face and neck, significant amounts of loose skin and excess fat along your neck, chin, and jawline could adversely impact your self-confidence. Consider undergoing a neck lift in Eugene if you are unhappy with your neck due to wrinkles, loose skin, or visible fat deposits. The procedure could redefine your facial contours, smoothen and tighten the skin, and reduce muscle banding to rejuvenate and restore your neck’s appearance for several years.

You can also take several proactive steps and implement certain lifestyle changes to increase the longevity of your neck lift enhancements. Though patients typically need several weeks of recovery before returning to their routines, they report better self-confidence and, subsequently, improved quality of life afterwards. Call to ask Dr. Daniel about possible surgical corrections and discuss your cosmetic goals in greater depth.

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