Should You Pick a Plastic Surgeon for Your Med Spa Procedure?

Updated for 2019

Nonsurgical, med spa treatments such as BOTOX®  and EMSCULPT® have definitely gone mainstream and are incredibly popular because they’re effective and don’t require surgery or downtime.

There’s no shortage of med spas and injectors offering these treatments, and companies such as Groupon® have made them very accessible and affordable. But should you be pickier about where you get these treatments?

Here are a few reasons you should only place your appearance in the hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Nonsurgical Means Not Risky, Right?

[pullquote]Because med spa treatments aren’t surgery, many people don’t think of them as inherently complicated or dangerous.[/pullquote]

Although med spa treatments don’t come with the added risks associated with anesthesia or incisions, the decision of choosing someone to administer these treatments shouldn’t be treated lightly.

True, the results of BOTOX® or dermal fillers aren’t permanent in the event that you’re not satisfied with your results, but do you really want to walk around with an uneven smile?

Additionally, treatments such as laser hair removal can actually cause permanent damage and scarring when performed incorrectly.

The anatomy of the face is incredibly complex and elaborate and a deep and thorough understanding of the facial nerves and muscles is essential to achieve the best results.

Experience Matters

Always look for the most qualified nurse injectors and certified advanced aestheticians who have the skill and ability to deliver good results with med spa treatments. You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to your appearance, health or well-being.

For any cosmetic procedure, visit the practice of a board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of knowledge, training and education regarding all aspects of the face to get the best results and ensure your safety.

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