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At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we perform our procedures at Chase Gardens Medical Center North. As an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), in Eugene, Oregon, they deliver safe, high-quality surgical care as an alternative to expensive overnight hospitalization.

Chase Gardens Surgery Center
360 S Garden Way Suite #100
Eugene, OR 97401
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Surgery Center FAQs

Where will my surgery be performed?

Most of our cosmetic surgery procedures are performed at Chase Gardens Medical Center North. Chase Gardens Medical Center North is an ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center). They provide surgical services for procedures that do not require a hospital stay.

What type of anesthesia will I have?

Most surgeries are done under general anesthesia, which is always administered by a board certified M.D. anesthesiologist.

Do I need someone to stay with me after my surgery?

We require you to have a responsible adult staying with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. If you prefer a professional caregiver, please contact the office and we can facilitate this for you.

Will I have a scar?

Yes, any time an incision is made on the skin, there is always a scar. Dr. Daniel’s goal is to make the scar as minimally noticeable as possible.

When can I shower after surgery?

You can shower 48 hours after surgery. Or, if you have drain tubes, you can shower 48 hours after the last drain comes out.

When do my surgical drains come out?

It’s important to track your drainage output in 12-hour increments. We will wait for your outputs to be low enough that your body can resorb what little fluid you’re putting out. Most drains come out around 6 to 7 days after surgery.

How long before I can drive after my surgery?

We think it’s best to wait until your drains come out. You should not be taking any narcotic pain pills while driving. We advise all patients to use caution when driving soon after surgery.

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