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“The staff that manages and performs the “spa” side of the office is efficient and professional, while being good humored. Thank you for your service! It was fun to go back and read some of these reviews just now. I always like their advice and was very impressed that Dr Baldwin texted me after a past service and asked how I liked the results!”

“From the moment I walked in the door the service was great. The results of what I had done was top notch. Thanks to all the staff at Dr. Lee B Daniel’s office.”

“In and out of the office in no time. Jose does a great job and is very personable. See ya next time, Jose!”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Daniel and his staff! From my first consult to my follow up appointments after surgery, Dr. and his staff have given me top notch care. My breast augmentation was a bit more of a difficult case. I had my 20yr old saline implants removed, pockets and tissue repaired, and new silicone implants placed back in. My right implant had flipped a 180, I had some tissue tear and I was having pain for some time. I am so happy I chose to go to Dr. Daniel for my augmentation! I am extremely happy with my results!”

“Excellent treatment. I highly recommend this place. I’m so afraid of needles and pain but, I desperately needed some Botox and Filler. The wonderful people there went out of there way to make me feel calm and comfortable. I was treated with kindness and understanding .I can’t remember the sweet lady’s name that did my procedure but, she was awesome to me. Believe me, I’m a big baby. She had some tricks up her sleeve to distract me though! Now I am so happy and amazed as to how good (younger, fresher. awake) I look. What a difference. At 63, I was looking tired, my mouth had a resting frown, so many sagging, baggy wrinkles…..NOT ANYMORE!!!!! Thank you, thank you”

“Dr. Lee and his staff were absolutely wonderful. I felt so comfortable and confident in the Doctor’s recommendation I booked my arm lift before leaving the office”

“I went in for a consultation with Dr. Baldwin about a few issues. I really appreciated that she listened to my concerns and was very compassionate. Dr. Baldwin helped me by explaining in detail several processes to chose from and what they do differently, so I could move forward with what was best for my skin. She did not push any type of treatment, but based on my age and skin type, she recommended what would be the best for me.”

“I can tell you that I adore you all and I am so grateful to have found Dr Daniel, a kind, warm hearted and talented doctor with a wonderful team that works along side him. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“Dr. Daniels had promoted the summer Emsculpt special in July 2021 when I decided to give it a try. My glutes had lost their strength and I was desiring a stronger appearance. Jose, a certified technician, and Dr. Baldwin treated my glutes, the designated area I needed help in strengthening. I had 7 sessions of Emsculpt. Immediately after my treatment series I noticed a slight strength increase in hiking hills and bicycling. I was able to squat weights with better form and as the days went on post-treatment, I increased my squat load-bearing weight by 40lbs. The biggest gain I felt I received was I no longer suffered urinary incontinence, a condition that occurred due to a previous spinal injury. The Emsculpt completely alleviated my bladder troubles and made my pelvic wall significantly stronger. That alone was life-changing. My glutes felt stronger and after roughly the 5th session, allowed me to perform pistol squats again. Another exercise I was struggling to perform. Overall I did not notice a significant change in my glute shape however, the relief I got from having a stronger pelvic floor and the ability to perform exercises with an increased weight-bearing load speaks for itself regarding the treatment.

I highly recommend Emsculpt to those who have had a muscle injury and need help in recovering. For women, post-childbirth or those who battle urinary incontinence, I can attest this will change your life for the better!”

Thank you all for your professional, yet kind and gentle manner with which you treated my before, after and during my surgery. I will not only recommend your expertise but strongly encourage those seeking plastic surgery to make the extra steps to ensure a great job. Thanks again.

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