Get a Toned and Tight Stomach for Summer with Tummy Tuck Surgery

No matter how many hours you spend in the gym or how healthy your diet is, you may still be struggling to lose a few inches around the midsection. If you’ve had children or have lost a lot of weight, you may be dealing with loose and sagging skin that is difficult to hide under clothing. Tummy tuck surgery is the answer for many patients who want to achieve a tight and toned midsection. We can help you achieve a beautiful figure with plastic surgery so you can get the body you’ve been working toward.

How Tummy Tuck Surgery Can Enhance Your Figure

Unlike liposuction, tummy tuck surgery addresses the problems associated with excess skin or a weakened, torn or outstretched abdominal wall. If you have a protruding stomach, or you are self-conscious about loose skin that is making you look heavier, you may be able to get a flatter, well-toned stomach with a tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Daniel uses special techniques to reshape the tissues, tighten the abdominal muscles, and remove excess skin to create a slimmer, natural look.

Tummy tuck surgery can help you if you have:

  • Loose or sagging skin around the midsection
  • Extra fat around the abdomen that is resistant to diet and exercise (may require liposuction)
  • Torn or stretched abdominal muscles after having children
  • A protruding stomach
  • A tendency to store fat around the midsection

Many women are very satisfied with the results of their procedure and can finally wear tight-fitting clothing with confidence. If you are normally self-conscious in a bathing suit or other lighter clothing, talk to Dr. Daniel about the benefits of tummy tuck surgery. We can discuss the procedure in more detail and share tummy tuck before and after photos during your visit.

Why Not Just Get Liposuction?

We may perform liposuction in conjunction with tummy tuck surgery to get rid of excess fatty deposits around the abdomen and waistline. However, while performing liposuction alone may help to reduce your waist size, it cannot do anything about loose skin or torn muscles. Tummy tuck surgery involves removing excess skin and tissue, tightening stretched or torn muscles, and completely reshaping the midsection to create a flat and toned look.

Learn more about the benefits of this body contouring procedure by scheduling your consultation for a tummy tuck in Eugene with Dr. Daniel today.

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