Can Zinc Treatment Extend BOTOX® Results?

The effects of BOTOX® last 30 percent longer with zinc treatment

BOTOX® is a popular treatment for facial wrinkles, muscular disorders and excessive sweating, but the results don’t last forever. The effects of BOTOX® will eventually wear off, so for those who rely on its wrinkle-reducing results, the longer those effects last, the better.

Zinc for Better BOTOX®

One doctor may have discovered a way to lengthen the gap between return visits significantly. Houston-based Dr. Charles Sopakar, an ocular plastic surgeon as well as a biochemist, has discovered that regulating zinc levels has extended the effects of BOTOX® in patients by up to 30 percent.

Dr. Sopakar noticed some of his patients were not as receptive to BOTOX® as others. One of his residents suggested their problem may be their diet, and that suggestion got Sopakar thinking.

How Zinc Helps BOTOX® Patients

According to Dr. Sopakar, upwards of 50 per cent of people are zinc deficient. He began to recommend patients take zinc supplements, which he mixed with a phytase enzyme, in the form of a drug called Zytase.

Dr. Sopakar prescribes his patients a regimen of Zytase for five days: four days before the treatment, as well as the day of. By doing this, he says his patients can expect longer-lasting results.

Not only will maintaining healthy zinc levels benefit people who use BOTOX® cosmetically, but zinc supplementation could mean a great deal of relief for people who suffer from muscular disorders and eyelid spasms caused by conditions like blepharospasm disease.

Should You Start Zinc Supplements before BOTOX®?

Zytase is a prescription medication, so if you’re interested in extending the effects of BOTOX® treatments, you’ll have to consult your doctor. However, some insurance companies are covering Zytase when prescribed as part of getting ready for BOTOX® treatments.

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