The combination of 43 muscles and many facial nerves allows people to display a range of emotions and unique expressions. Since our faces are always working, they are one of the first body areas to show signs of aging as skin firmness decreases. The skin on the rest of our body also loses tension as we get older and move through life. The loosening of skin is a natural part of life, but cosmetic science has developed numerous techniques that could help us reverse the aging process and appear more youthful.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with sagging skin on your face or body, you should contemplate receiving a skin tightening treatment in our Eugene office. A successful procedure could restore shine to your complexion or help you feel more confident in your skin. Regardless of your age or body type, one of our aesthetic experts could outline your options and handle your situation with care.

Where Can a Surgeon Perform Skin Tightening Procedures?

For the most part, skin tightening procedures could benefit anywhere on the body where the skin begins to lose its tension. Common treatment areas include the eyebrows, chin, or neck. Many people also choose to treat the skin on their upper arms, breasts, or stomach. Loose skin due to rapid weight loss, often caused by pregnancy or gastric bypass surgery, is a concern that skilled plastic surgeons frequently address. A knowledgeable practitioner in Eugene could assess whether a skin tightening treatment could target and rejuvenate a specific area of a patient’s body.

What Skin Tightening Procedures Are Available in Eugene?

When it comes to skin tightening procedures, there are different kinds that patients could consider. Generally speaking, the more invasive the process, the more effective it is. The two main treatment categories are surgical and non-surgical. The ideal treatment for each person will depend on their goals and individual health.

Surgical Treatments

Surgical skin tightening treatments usually provide the most effective and long-lasting results. However, these methods are more expensive and require extended recovery periods. The procedural costs and time off work can be overwhelming barriers for some individuals. Surgical skin tightening procedures also require general anesthesia and a trained operation team. A diligent surgeon will usually remove tissue, which results in deeper incisions and longer healing times. Surgical skin tightening methods in Eugene might not suit everyone, but a successful operation could dramatically restore life to a patient’s skin and help them become their best self.

Nonsurgical Treatments

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation techniques, meanwhile, cost less, are quicker to perform, and feature shorter recovery periods. These methods use chemicals, injections, electric charges, ultrasound, and other minimally invasive applications to combat imperfections and rejuvenate a person’s complexion. Patients often combine multiple non-surgical options to boost results. Non-surgical skin tightening procedures are common and offer an alternative to those who cannot or do not want to experience surgery.

If a patient is confused about which type of skin tightening method is right for them, a well-practiced plastic surgeon in Eugene could help an individual make the right decision.

Let an Aesthetic Expert in Eugene Help You Choose a Skin Tightening Treatment

People need to realize that as our bodies age, our skin inevitably begins to loosen. However, if you are worried about starting to look less youthful, you do have options.

Whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a quick improvement over the weekend, a member of our team could personalize skin tightening treatments in our Eugene office to meet your unique needs. Reach out to a resourceful plastic surgeon today to learn more about restoring your skin’s luster.

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