One of the most recurrent signs of aging that everyone develops to some degree is facial volume loss, often resulting in wrinkles, lines, and skin folds. Additionally, many individuals see significant reductions of facial volume in the cheeks specifically, contributing to a sunken or hollow look. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your cheeks, a cheek augmentation in Eugene could be a great option for restoring a youthful, voluminous look to your face.

Like other augmentation procedures, cheek augmentation surgery could either use fat transfer techniques or implants to plump your cheeks for the long term, refreshing your overall appearance and boosting self-confidence. So, reach out to schedule a cheek augmentation consultation if you consider your cheeks too shallow, narrow, or hollow and want longer-lasting enhancements than dermal filler injections. A member of our expert team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery could listen to your goals and help you understand your surgical options.

Why Consider Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

Many cheek augmentation patients in Eugene undergo surgery to restore an adequate amount of volume to the cheeks to a hollow or thin facial appearance. The procedure could also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by restoring volume beneath the skin. Cheek augmentation surgery could also be used to reduce significant sagging of the cheeks caused by skin laxity and volume loss.

In addition to restoring the cheek’s contours specifically, cheek augmentation surgery aims to balance proportions between the cheeks, nose, mouth, and eyes. As a result, the operation often improves overall facial symmetry and balance. Further, cheek augmentation patients often feel more confident in their appearance after surgery, which usually improves their quality of life and emotional well-being.

Procedure Options for Cheek Augmentation

Patients may decide between a fat transfer or implants to restore volume to the cheeks for cheek augmentation surgery in Eugene. The better-suited choice for longer-lasting volume restoration is implants made of silicone and customized to fit around your unique facial structure. Although they are solid, cheek implants do not feel hard to the touch and tend to provide more consistent final results.

Since volume loss may affect different areas of the cheeks and mid-face, cheek implant placement could vary between patients. For instance, if your primary concern is sunken cheeks, the implants could be placed in the middle of the cheeks to restore volume. Alternatively, cheek implants could rest on top of the cheekbones to increase volume on the sides of the face, if that is more aligned with your specific cosmetic goals.

Some cheek augmentation patients choose fat transfers for cheek augmentation instead of implants for the more natural-looking and feeling results. For this approach, excess fat is typically taken from the thighs or abdomen to be reinjected into the cheeks at strategic points. However, after the procedure, the body reabsorbs a minimal amount of body fat, so enhancements are often more subtle than cheek augmentation with implants.

Consider Cheek Augmentation Surgery in Eugene to Restore Facial Volume

When skin elasticity and tissue volume decline, it could result in your cheeks looking flat, sunken, or hollow. Instead of relying on the short-term resolutions of dermal filler injections, consider the lasting enhancements of cheek augmentation in Eugene. Whether you choose fat transfers or implants for your procedure, both approaches restore significant volume to the mid-face and reduce signs of aging.

After cheek augmentation surgery, patients feel more confident in themselves due to their rejuvenated appearance, balanced facial proportions, and improved facial symmetry. To learn more about if you are a good candidate, contact our office for a cheek augmentation consultation. We could discuss the right treatment approach for your specific needs and work with you to get you feeling comfortable and confident in your skin.

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