Buttock Enhancement

Buttock enhancement removes excess skin, tissue and fat deposits from the buttocks as well as the area above and below to tone and tighten the appearance of the posterior. Buttock enhancement can be included as part of a body lift for post-weight loss patients, as well as combined with augmentation techniques to create a shapelier, more eye-catching figure.

As one of the top body contouring specialists in Oregon, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lee B. Daniel has helped thousands of men and women. Together with the help of his team of professionals at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Daniel keeps a patient-centric approach so you have all the support you need from consultation through recovery.

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Before Your Buttock Enhancement

Any body contouring procedure must be customized for each individual patient, and buttock enhancement is no different. That’s why your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel is the first and most critical step in ensuring the best final results. During your consultation, Dr. Daniel will discuss your goals for buttock enhancement as well as any other appearance concerns you may have.

Dr. Daniel can also recommend the best approach for achieving your ideal figure. For men and women who have undergone dramatic weight loss, he may suggest other procedures with buttock enhancement as part of a lower body lift, such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift. For patients interested in accentuating their bottom half, he may use fat transfer methods to augment the posterior.

Your Buttock Enhancement Procedure

Patients often seek buttock enhancement to tighten and tone their posterior following significant weight loss that has left their figure with a deflated appearance. Others may simply want to accentuate their curves. The butt lift procedure can be done as part of a lower body lift or mommy makeover .

Buttock enhancement is typically done under general anesthesia. The incisions are usually made at the top of the buttocks where they meet the lower back, just below the swimwear line. A strip of fat, tissue and excess skin is removed and the tissues underneath are stitched into place with internal sutures. The skin is stretched tightly and closed with fine sutures.

Depending on your individual needs, liposuction may be used to remove fat deposits. If augmentation of the buttocks is being performed as part of the procedure, Dr. Daniel may use fat transfer techniques to enhance your curves using your own fat cells.

Healing Process after Buttock Enhancement

Your recovery process will depend upon the approach used by Dr. Daniel and how your body responds to the surgery. Typically, you will wear post-surgical bandages for the first couple of days, and a compression garment for several weeks to minimize swelling and hold tissue in place.

Dr. Daniel may use surgical drains to prevent fluid buildup during the healing process. You can gradually return to your normal activities after about 2 weeks. The incision lines should continue to fade for 12 plus months.

Following buttock enhancement, you should have a smoother and shapelier backside. Your buttock muscles should be accentuated by the removal of excess overlying fatty tissue, and the skin should be tighter.

If you have undergone buttock enhancement to fine-tune your weight loss, you should have significantly less baggy skin and a more streamlined figure. If you’ve chosen buttock enhancement to augment your bottom, you should have more voluptuous curves that you can feel proud of in and out of your clothes.

More Information about Buttock Enhancement Surgery

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