If you feel that your double chin is preventing your chin, jaw, jawline, or profile from looking angular and defined–and is harming your overall confidence–you may be an ideal candidate for a double chin removal surgery.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is proud to be a top destination for cosmetic surgery procedures designed specifically with the male aesthetic in mind, including various body contouring and facial surgeries as well as non-invasive options. If you feel that male double chin removal surgery in Eugene is the treatment you need to achieve a more masculine, youthful, and attractive appearance, book a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon today.

What Is Male Double Chin Removal Surgery?

A well-defined jawline is one of the key aspects of an attractive masculine face, and a double chin removal procedure performed by our highly skilled surgical team can permanently restore balance and harmony to your face, helping you look your best.

Double chin removal surgery in Eugene is a procedure in which the chin, jaw, and jawline are more clearly defined with the reshaping and resculpting of the chin bone and surrounding tissue. It corrects the look of a soft, weak chin and makes the contour of the jawline more angular.

Male double chin removal surgery is performed under anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety. Dr. Daniel will place a surgical incision either in the natural crease line of your chin or through the inside of your mouth. Through this point, the chin bone will be sculpted, excess tissue will be removed, excess skin will be tightened, and the incision will be sewn shut. In some instances, liposuction or a chin implant may be utilized in the area as needed to further enhance results depending on your anatomical features and aesthetic goals.

Recovery After Male Double Chin Removal Surgery

After your procedure is complete, you will be closely monitored by our medical team until you are given the all-clear to leave to ensure that no complications develop. In most cases, regular activity can be resumed after a week. However, your plastic surgeon will give you a personalized list of pre-and-post operative instructions for optimal recovery.

Please note that chewing foods will be limited, and you will be required to follow a diet of soft foods and liquids for a few days following your procedure. Your results from your male double chin removal surgery in Eugene will be immediately visible and will continue to develop over the course of the next several weeks as swelling goes down. You may be required to come into the clinic for follow-up visits as we monitor your progress.

Discover a More Angular Jawline with Male Double Chin Removal in Eugene

We understand that our male patients have unique physical characteristics and that their desired results from surgery typically differ from those of our female patients. This is why at our clinic, we provide individualized surgical and non-invasive treatments that are custom to each person and consider their anatomy, health, and aesthetic goals.

If you are considering obtaining a male double chin removal surgery in Eugene or other form of cosmetic treatment, please book a consultation with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today. We would be delighted to help you restore your confidence and present your best face to the world.

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