Wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and declining collagen production are changes that most people experience as they age. Though several cosmetic treatment options exist for treating these concerns, SkinPen in Eugene goes beyond superficial improvements to stimulate new collagen production while reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles for long-term, naturally healthier and clearer skin.

Though microneedling poses some risks, the process could significantly improve laxity and texture for all skin types and tones. Since SkinPen is minimally-invasive, you may experience mild side effects for a few days but should be able to return to your daily routine immediately. Schedule a SkinPen consultation with Dr. Lee B. Daniel to discuss the procedure, its benefits, and whether you are an ideal candidate for microneedling treatment.

Overview of SkinPen Treatments and Procedures

SkinPen microneedling in Eugene revitalizes the skin’s appearance by kickstarting the body’s healing process through the creation of micro-injuries. Specifically, this minimally-invasive procedure uses a device containing multiple tiny needles to create minor damage to older skin cells. Consequently, the skin produces more collagen to maintain its structure and replaces damaged cells with new, healthy skin cells.

Before treatment, a topical anesthetic will be applied to numb the treatment areas and reduce discomfort during the procedure. Since patient concerns and skin issues vary, SkinPen treatments offer customization through adjustable needle lengths, allowing patients to change how deeply the device penetrates the skin. For example, SkinPen for acne scars may use longer needles than would otherwise be needed to reduce wrinkles and loose skin.

It is important to note, however, that several SkinPen treatment sessions are necessary for substantial reductions in scars and aging signs. Patients typically undergo at least three treatments every four weeks for noticeable results, but some individuals may require more sessions for severe skin concerns.

Recovery Process and Benefits of SkinPen Microneedling

Because SkinPen treatments in Eugene create minor damage to the skin, patients typically experience skin redness and swelling in treated areas for two to four days. It is advisable to reduce sun exposure and avoid wearing makeup for several days after a SkinPen session to prevent complications during the healing process, such as scarring and infections.

Additional possible side effects during the first few days of recovery include bruising, bleeding, skin flaking, dryness, and peeling. Though SkinPen microneedling is safe for all skin tones and types, some skin conditions may worsen after treatment, such as psoriasis or eczema, open wounds, or active acne infections.

SkinPen microneedling may treat more body areas besides the face that struggle with scars, fine lines, and sun or age spots. For example, this treatment is excellent for reducing stretch marks in most body areas and cellulite on the back of the thighs. Ask Dr. Daniel whether SkinPen is the right cosmetic solution for you.


Ask Our Team about SkinPen Microneedling in Eugene

Over the years, your skin may sustain damage from acne, sun exposure, specific activities, and aging. As a result, you may have noticed the development of loose skin, fine lines, acne scarring, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture. The best choice for long-term skin improvements may be SkinPen in Eugene. This microneedling treatment boosts your skin’s collagen while repairing damage.

Enjoy the benefits of increased collagen production as soon as possible by scheduling a SkinPen treatment today. Call today to learn more about the benefits of microneedling and whether you are an ideal candidate.

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