Increasing Popularity of Male Plastic Surgery

Men age differently than women. While they do not go through some of the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy or menopause, lifestyle choices and age still impact their appearance.

Since 2000, more men have visited plastic surgeons each year, and as surgery becomes technologically more advanced and affordable, the options available have also expanded. The increasing popularity of male plastic surgery has opened the door to surgical and non-invasive treatments that help men address their cosmetic concerns resulting from the aging process, weight fluctuations, genetics, or certain medical factors.

Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery?

Cultural aesthetic standards are diverse. Men have varied desired outcomes and may choose to undergo cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons, including to boost their confidence, feel more attractive, or address perceived ageism at work.

While women make up the majority of patients who seek surgical interventions, the number of men choosing cosmetic surgery is growing significantly. Many feel a disconnect between how they feel and how they look and choose plastic surgery to address this feeling. Some of the most common procedures men seek include:

When men feel their best, they may also make healthier lifestyle choices, including improving their diet, exercising, and prioritizing sleep.

How We Personalize Your Experience

Dr. Daniel understands that every man’s aesthetic goals are different and discusses your cosmetic concerns and reviews your overall health before suggesting the best options to provide you with the desired result. Because of the increasing popularity of male plastic surgery, our team is proud to offer procedures that utilize surgical techniques explicitly designed with the uniqueness of the male physique and facial features in mind.

For example, a woman seeking a chin augmentation may desire a softer, smaller, more feminine-appearing chin and jawline. However, a man seeking a chin augmentation more commonly desires a stronger, more angular, masculine appearance. Regardless of the procedure you seek or the concern you have, our team will work hard to ensure we give you optimal results that allow you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Call Our Aesthetic Experts to Discuss Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

Thanks to the increasing popularity of male plastic surgery, a range of options is available to men seeking a more youthful, toned, balanced appearance. Technological and surgical advancements have increased the options available to create a more attractive and eye-catching visage that helps you look as healthy as you feel.

You can get your questions answered quickly and professionally when you call Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon.

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