Developing facial wrinkles happens to everyone with age, especially in high-activity areas essential for movements like facial expressions. Specifically, areas that are prone to wrinkling include around the mouth and nose. Reducing the appearance of these wrinkles without limiting your facial movements is possible with Refyne in Eugene.

This dermal filler injection uses a flexible material to ensure volume restoration and smoother skin do not reduce the skin’s elasticity, and the results of one Refyne treatment could last for up to 18 months – unlike neuromodulator injections. Schedule an appointment to discuss the cosmetic benefits and possibilities with Refyne injections and whether they are right for you.

Unique Features and Benefits of Refyne Injections

Refyne filler material is softer and more flexible than traditional injections, making it ideal for active facial areas. For example, Refyne injections are typically used to treat marionette lines around the mouth and nasolabial folds between the mouth and nose. The gel-like filler substance uses an innovative cross-linking technique to enhance the hyaluronic acid’s support without diminishing flexibility in facial movements.

It may take several weeks after treatment for the effects of Refyne injections to become visible, but most patients report substantial and natural-looking enhancements one month after treatment. Further, additional treatment sessions to maintain the results of Refyne are safe and effective for most individuals.

Ideal Refyne Candidates

Refyne fillers are best for patients with moderate to severe cases of marionette lines and nasolabial folds that may otherwise need corrective surgery. After treatment, the skin should appear significantly smoother and softer without visible facial movement limitations.

However, as with most cosmetic injection treatments, patients may experience mild swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort in treatment areas for up to a week after a Refyne session. To combat this, Dr. Lee B. Daniel will perform a comprehensive analysis of a patient’s medical history, including current medications and known allergies, before administering Refyne injections to ensure all treatment plans are custom-tailored to a person’s individual needs.

Because Refyne injections in Eugene use hyaluronic acid – a product the body produces naturally – adverse reactions to treatment are rare. However, individuals with a history of allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid-based treatments are not good candidates for Refyne injections. Furthermore, pregnant or breastfeeding women are not suitable Refyne candidates, as the effects of treatment on these groups have not been researched thoroughly.

Learn More about Refyne Injections in Eugene

Wrinkles tend to form around the areas on your face that move the most, including your mouth, nose, and chin. While dynamic wrinkles, which form due to repetitive facial movements, typically undergo neuromodulator injections, such treatment can limit your muscle movements. So instead, try Refyne in Eugene for a dermal filler that restores volume to your skin without restricting facial muscles for more natural-looking wrinkle reduction.

Though the enhancements are short-term, lasting for about 18 months after treatment, there is no recovery time, scarring, or severe side effects that often come with surgical options. Furthermore, the gel substance in Refyne injections is dissolvable, meaning the effects are reversible at any time. Reach out to learn more about Refyne dermal fillers and how they could reduce the appearance of your moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

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