If wrinkles around your mouth and nose are making you feel aged and less confident in your appearance, Vollure in Eugene is an excellent option for treating severe volume loss and wrinkles on the mid-face.

These cosmetic injectables offer subtle yet dramatic improvements that look and feel natural. Enhancements last up to a year and a half after treatment, ensuring you feel confident in your appearance for the long term. Rather than allowing your skin to display your age, choose Vollure dermal fillers to eradicate deep wrinkles for smoother, firmer, and younger-looking skin.

What is Vollure?

Vollure is a cosmetic injectable that aims to restore facial volume and smooth out wrinkles around the nose and mouth using hyaluronic acid. The injections are best for treating moderate to severe wrinkles that penetrate deep into the facial tissue. Results are subtle but immediately noticeable and long-lasting for up to 18 months after treatment.

Once injected into deep facial tissue, the hyaluronic acid gel restores volume to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin folds. After treatment, patients see a dramatic improvement of nasolabial folds. Further, since results look natural, many patients report feeling substantially more confident in their skin’s appearance after Vollure injections.

Though the injections treat deep wrinkles and indentations, they do not restrict facial muscle movements, unlike other options. Vollure injections in Eugene are meant for individuals over the age of 35 with significant wrinkles on the mid-face. People looking for long-term improvements for minor creases may benefit more from other dermal fillers, such as Volbella.

How Does Vollure Work?

Patients looking to restore volume to facial tissue in the skin can trust Vollure treatments in Eugene to produce natural-looking results that minimize signs of again. This cosmetic injectable uses hyaluronic acid, which is naturally created within the body and is responsible for maintaining hydration in the skin. By introducing supplementary hyaluronic acid through Vollure injections, the skin becomes more hydrated and voluminous, resulting in a reduction of visible wrinkles.

Additionally, hyaluronic acid plays a role in delivering nutrients to the skin. After a Vollure treatment, the supplementary nutrients allow the skin to become healthier over time naturally. From this, deep wrinkles and facial folds dramatically improve to show rejuvenated skin. Vollure is safe for repeated treatment sessions to maintain enhancements in the years after the initial injections.

Since Vollure is minimally invasive, patients may resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. While mild side effects are common during recovery, the final results become apparent one week after the lips have healed.

Potential Side Effects and Complications of Vollure Injections

Side effects of Vollure dermal fillers in Eugene are mild and typically last up to seven days after treatment. Common physical reactions to Vollure injections include bruising, redness, pain, and itchiness of the lips at the injection sites.

Occasionally, a patient’s lips may develop firmness, lumps, bumps, and skin discoloration around injection sites after a Vollure treatment. However, these lip irregularities typically resolve on their own after some time. If the bumps do not go away with time, additional injections could correct the issue.

A possible yet rare complication of Vollure is an allergic reaction to the ingredients within the injections, including lidocaine. An in-depth review of a potential patient’s medical history can help determine whether an allergic reaction to the treatment is possible.

Who Should Seek Vollure Injections?

Since Vollure injections in Eugene use hyaluronic acid, most adults are excellent candidates for the treatment. However, individuals with multiple, severe allergies and a history of anaphylaxis are not ideal candidates for Vollure injections. In addition, patients who are allergic to lidocaine should not undergo treatment, as it is used to reduce discomfort during the procedure.

Ideal candidates for Vollure have moderate to severe facial folds, lines, and wrinkles around the lips and mouth. Specifically, the injections are useful for treating smile lines, lip lines, and jowl lines on the faces of men and women. Lastly, a good candidate for Vollure is any individual showing aging signs and who wants to create a more youthful appearance without surgery.

Learn More about How Vollure in Eugene Can Restore Your Skin

If deep wrinkles or folds on your cheeks and around your nose and mouth are significantly impacting your confidence, Vollure in Eugene could be the right choice for restoring volume in your skin and reducing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid.

With the advanced technology of Vollure injections, your wrinkles could significantly improve without restricting muscle movement for natural-looking results. If you struggle with increasingly deep wrinkles, contact us to discuss whether Vollure is the best dermal filler injection for you. Our experienced aesthetic experts can help determine the best approach to treating your facial wrinkles with Vollure injections.

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