20/20 Asks: Are You Trying Do-It-Yourself Surgery?

Although many people admire a DIY attitude and work ethic, some things should always be left to a professional; cosmetic surgery is definitely one of those things.

20/20 is asking people online “Have you tried do-it yourself plastic surgery?” The news organization claims that products like Restylane, Juvederm, and Botox are being “self-injected.”

RealSelf.com has also been blogging about this recent phenomenon.

We sincerely hope that no one, in Oregon or elsewhere, has attempted this kind of thing.  Injectable treatments might seem easy and quite comfortable in our office, but attempting to perform them yourself is just plain unwise.  To avoid significant risks, you need to know the proper injection technique (to say the least).

You’ll be in much better hands if you see a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon for your treatments.

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