Cosmetic Surgery

Inner vs. Outer Thigh Lift

Many individuals develop natural physical changes with age or after considerable weight loss and pregnancy, including moderate to severe skin and muscle tissue laxity. The combination of these transformations often results in a sagging appearance to affected areas, including the...
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What Are the Best Facial Rejuvenation Options for Men?

When you look in the mirror, do you sometimes see an old man staring back? While there’s nothing wrong with the “distinguished older gentleman” look, it isn’t for everyone. Whether that’s because you just aren’t a fan or because a...
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How EMSCULPT® and CoolSculpting® Can Boost Your Bod

Achieving your goal body takes a lot of commitment and hard work. However, there can be areas of fat that just won’t budge, no matter what you do. If there are still some spots you wish you could slim and...
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Yeah, You Should Exercise But EMSCULPT® & CoolSculpting® Can Help

We all know how important eating right and exercising are to our health. The problem is that they don’t always resolve all of our problem areas. Even people as healthy and active as professional athletes can struggle with stubborn layers...
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Could You Erase a Tattoo with a Cream Someday?

Being able to remove an unwanted tattoo by simply rubbing a special cream on your skin certainly would be convenient. While there have been theories tossed around about how this might work, the fact of the matter is that there...
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