Physical Vs. Social Downtime for Facelifts

Facelifts are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, with more than 131,000 people in the United States getting one each year. A facelift is a facial surgical procedure designed to address the visible signs of aging on your lower face, jawline,...
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A Detailed Look at Your Facelift Recovery

Getting a facelift can be an exciting step toward rejuvenating your facial appearance, but the recovery process can be daunting for those unsure of what to expect. Educating yourself about your facelift recovery is the best way to ensure you’re...
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4 Tips & Tricks to Care for Your Skin after a Facelift

Having a facelift can rejuvenate your face and neck, making you look younger and boosting your confidence. Both men and women can enjoy the many benefits of getting a facelift. Of course, you need to follow the right facelift skincare...
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4 Quick & Easy Tips to Improve Your Facelift Results

If you’ve been wondering how long a facelift lasts, there are several factors that can affect the answer. You can give yourself the best chance at enjoying long-lasting results by following these four simple tips. 1. Use Medical Spa Treatments...
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Should You Worry About Facial Aging in Your 20s?

When should we start worrying about aging? Your face is generally one of the first areas to show signs of aging, such as lines and sagging, but how young is too young to be concerned? Is there a best age...
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What’s the Best Time to Have a Facelift?

The passage of time can take its toll on our looks, and it’s most noticeable on the face. [pullquote]    Men and women may consider a facelift to address deep wrinkles and sagging facial skin and rejuvenate their features.[/pullquote] But...
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Are Your Digital Devices Aging You Prematurely?

We undeniably live in the digital age, and constant use of electronic devices is the norm for most people. There has been a lot of attention placed on how too much screen time is contributing to a rise in obesity,...
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