Plastic Surgery In The Media

Plastic Surgery Appeals to More Moms than Celebrities

Mommy Makeovers are a big hit Kelly Ripa, hostess of the much-beloved early morning talk show 'Live! With Kelly,' revealed that she gets a bit of Botox every now and then. You might think, "well, of course she has; cosmetic...
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Harvard Researchers One Step Closer to Discovering Fountain of Youth

We may be one step closer to discovering the fountain of youth. According to a new study conducted at Harvard Medical School, red wine may have anti-aging benefits. For years scientists have studied the health benefits of resveratrol – a compound...
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Facelift Surgery Makes Patients Looks 7 Years Younger, According to New Study

According to a new study recently published in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, facelift surgery can make patients appear up to 7 years younger than their actual age. The study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of...
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New Skin Cancer Treatments May Help Patients Avoid Surgery

Two new treatments for skin cancer may help patients with skin cancer avoid going under the knife for treatment. These new treatments for skin cancer both target basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of skin cancer. This...
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VIDEO: Hollywood in the Spotlight in Plastic Surgery Film

Plastic surgery is the main focus in an upcoming HBO documentary, according to The plastic surgery film, which is titled About Face, focuses on the importance of youth in today’s society and specifically discusses plastic surgery in the modeling...
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VIDEO: Post Weight Loss Body Contouring Aids “Biggest Loser” Contestant

A "Biggest Loser" contestant chose body contouring and saw further slimming and health benefits following weight loss and the procedure, according to KXAN. In an interview with KXAN, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed body slimming procedures she performed...
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Study Examines Varicose Vein Treatment Options—Similar Findings

A comparative study of varicose vein treatment options yielded similar results among the choices, according to The Washington Post. These veins can often appear (in women more often than men) when a valve in the leg malfunctions, preventing blood from...
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New Anti-Wrinkle Prescription Smooths Skin In Matter of Weeks

Creams may be out the window for patients who experience smoother skin with a medication, according to NewScientist. In a recent study, many patients who underwent testing of a new anti-wrinkle prescription saw a decrease in visible wrinkles on the...
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Healthier Blood May Be Among Liposuction Benefits

Patients who undergo liposuction may see improved heart health in some cases, according to the Los Angeles Times. In addition to slimming your most troublesome body parts, liposuction benefits may include ridding your blood of some harmful fat elements, namely...
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Dr. Daniel: Board Certification is “Paramount” for a Surgeon

Following a story by USA Today that discussed unaccredited surgeons performing procedures usually performed by board certified plastic surgeons, Eugene plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel shared his views on the state of safe plastic surgery today. In short, Dr. Daniel stresses...
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