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Yeah, You Should Exercise But EMSCULPT® & CoolSculpting® Can Help

We all know how important eating right and exercising are to our health. The problem is that they don’t always resolve all of our problem areas. Even people as healthy and active as professional athletes can struggle with stubborn layers...
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3 Cosmetic Treatments that Can Beef Up a Man’s Abs

The old adage “abs are made in the kitchen” is only half true. You can’t even get close to a six-pack without diet and exercise. But once you get close, you have a few options that can help you enhance...
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Wish You Had More Muscle & Less Fat? Meet EMSCULPT

Trading in your dad bod for a beach bod is hard work. And sometimes, even after you’ve put in a whole lot of sweat equity, you’re still not satisfied with the result. That’s where EMSCULPT® comes in. This novel approach...
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When the Weather Is Frightful, CoolSculpting® Is Delightful

After the holidays, many of us feel like our jeans start to fit a little tighter and pesky pockets of fat just don’t want to budge. If this is the case for you, scheduling a CoolSculpting® treatment session during the...
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How a Micropeel Can Help You Look Even Foxier in the New Year

Thinking about treating yourself to a med spa procedure for the new year, but aren’t sure which one to choose? Since the micropeel combines three different procedures—dermaplaning, chemical peel and a frozen CO2 application—you don’t have to pick just one....
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Med Spa 101: How a Chemical Peel Rejuvenates Your Skin

A chemical peel is one of the most popular medical spa treatments, and for good reason. Actually, for several good reasons. Read on to learn more about chemical peels and what they can do for your skin. What is a...
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4 Tips to Help Say Goodbye to Your Tattoo Even Faster

You may have heard that having a tattoo removed takes several treatments to be successful. There are also some things you can do to get better results, faster. To understand how these tips can help, you have to understand that...
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