Facial Surgery

3 Ways to Give Your Face Its Best Summer Yet

It’s hard to put your best face forward when you feel self-conscious about sun damage. If you’re unhappy with your skin’s appearance or texture, let this be the summer that you get back that youthful glow. Here are three great...
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4 Treatments for a New & Improved Face in the New Year

We often think of the new year as a time of renewal. Why not carry that theme on your face? Your face is the part of you that people see first. It reflects your age, level of stress, and lifestyle...
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Should You Worry About Facial Aging in Your 20s?

When should we start worrying about aging? Your face is generally one of the first areas to show signs of aging, such as lines and sagging, but how young is too young to be concerned? Is there a best age...
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What’s the Best Time to Have a Facelift?

The passage of time can take its toll on our looks, and it’s most noticeable on the face. [pullquote]    Men and women may consider a facelift to address deep wrinkles and sagging facial skin and rejuvenate their features.[/pullquote] But...
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A Look into the Unique Challenges of Facial Surgery

Your face is your window to the world. It has features that are deeply unique to you and contributes to your overall identity. That’s why any surgery performed on your face needs to be done with the utmost care and...
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How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Body Contouring

Whether you've recently lost a lot of weight, want to revamp your post-baby figure, or simply want to address loose skin and isolated pockets of fat that diet and exercise haven't been able to improve, body contouring may be the...
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Dermal Fillers for Your New Year Makeover

Are you ready to freshen up your look for the new year ahead? The holidays are behind us and as you get back into your regular routine, consider investing in yourself to rejuvenate your look. We offer several non-surgical treatments...
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3 Facial Surgery Procedures to Transform Your Look

Are you concerned about wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin that are giving away your age? If your face and neck are showing signs of aging and non-surgical treatments are no longer providing you with the results you want, talk to...
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Getting the Most Out of Your Facial Plastic Surgery in Oregon

Why Procedures Like the Facelift Work Best Together When we age, it affects our bodies - all over. With our faces, skin begins to sag, lines and wrinkles form, and volume is lost. This happens throughout the face from the...
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