3 Ways to Avoid Breast Implant Ripples

shutterstock_1631967Most women considering breast augmentation have a goal of getting the most natural-looking results possible. A common concern is how to avoid the implant ripples that can sometimes be visible through the skin after breast augmentation. Here are 3 simple ways to ensure those ripples won’t be a problem for you.

1. Opt for Silicone Over Saline

Silicone implants are by far the most popular choice for women, partially because they deliver the most natural-looking results. The gel inside silicone implants closely resembles the firmness and texture of real breast tissue, and therefore yields breasts that look and feel more natural. The shell of silicone implants is smoother than saline implants, which are more likely to cause rippling that can sometimes be seen through the skin. Women with very little existing breast tissue are especially at risk for visible rippling, making them excellent candidates for silicone implants.

2. Choose Submuscular Placement

Implant placement can also play a role in how well your implants will blend into your existing breast tissue. Implants placed over the muscle are more likely to have visible rippling because they are closer to the surface of the skin. Submuscular implant placement means there’s more tissue between your implants and the skin, meaning your implants are less likely to be detectable. It’s also worth mentioning that choosing an excellent plastic surgeon will help ensure your implants will look and feel like a natural part of you.

3. Be Conservative With Implant Size

Larger implants are more difficult to camouflage and integrate into your existing breast tissue. Consider opting for proportionately sized implants to reduce the risk of visible ripples and make it harder to tell if you’ve had an enhancement.

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