New Anti-Wrinkle Prescription Smooths Skin In Matter of Weeks

Creams may be out the window for patients who experience smoother skin with a medication, according to NewScientist.

In a recent study, many patients who underwent testing of a new anti-wrinkle prescription saw a decrease in visible wrinkles on the face, when taking the product as directed. Unlike creams which may only target surface wrinkles, researchers believe this new anti-wrinkle prescription works because it is able to access the deepest layers of skin—the dermis.

For the study, 480 middle-aged women from across Europe took part. Some were given a placebo, while others were given a true dose of the anti-wrinkle prescription. Even researchers did not know whether patients were given the placebo or not. After taking the anti-wrinkle prescription three times a day for 14 weeks, wrinkles on the faces of the participants were assessed.

While wrinkles were 30% shallower for some of the patients who received the actual anti-wrinkle prescription, many patients who received the same dose experienced wrinkles that were 10% shallower.

The anti-wrinkle prescription was developed after the researchers tested what natural components would increase collagen production in women of a certain age. What they found was that combinations of Vitamins C and E, acids from fish oil, as well as additional components, promoted collagen synthesis. It is the natural production of collagen that helps to keep skin looking young and smooth.

As an added boon to the producers of the anti-wrinkle prescription, government approval may not be necessary since the extracts they contain are already widely used. It is unclear whether FDA approval would be necessary should the product come to the US. Unilever, which produces the medication, plans to launch it in spas in the UK, Spain and Canada in October.

Testing only included short term effects for the anti-wrinkle prescription, and researchers recommend patients take the medication three times daily for at least three months to see the effects. It is likely that if a patient discontinues use of the capsule, that the normal aging process would resume.

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