Ask the Expert (January 2014)

I’ve heard from friends that sometimes Botox® doesn’t work – why is that?

Let me start by saying that my practice has what is called “Diamond” level status with Allergan, the company that makes Botox®. That is reserved for the top 1-2% of all practices in the country.

What that means is we certainly know Botox® and we certainly know injectable fillers. We use the maximum recommended concentration of Botox® which tends to give the maximum effect.

It could be that some practices dilute their Botox® so that they can get “more product out of each vial”. That would lead to poorer results. We always use the maximum concentration. I would say that your friend should go to the practice that is rated as one of the top 1-2% in the country because we know Botox in Oregon!

Dr. Lee B. Daniel, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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