Ask the Expert – March, 2014

Dr. Daniel, I’m more nervous about the anesthesia than I am about my plastic surgery. Is it better than it used to be?

Anesthetic techniques have improved dramatically. At my surgery center the board certified anesthesiologists specialize only in out-patient anesthesia techniques. Of all the facilities that I’ve ever worked in, these anesthesiologists are the best when it comes to keeping the patient very comfortable, and having them wake up quickly. By using the most rapidly metabolized anesthetic medicines there is also minimal chance of nausea. It might sound crazy, but I do six-hour operations virtually every week and never, in the nearly 15 years of using this surgery center, have I ever had to admit a patient to the hospital for an anesthesia or pain related problem! My anesthesiologists are very careful and caring and could do my anesthesia any day!

Dr. Lee B. Daniel, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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