Should You Celebrate Father’s Day with a Daddy Do-Over?

Man lifting child.Updated for 2019

Men haven’t historically been the demographic lining up to have plastic surgery, but times are changing.

As plastic surgery has become more mainstream and openly accepted, men are feeling comfortable exploring their options for cosmetic procedures.

Parenthood Affects Dads Too

The mommy makeover has become a household term and is very popular among women who want to reverse the effects that pregnancy has on the body.

Although men don’t physically endure pregnancy or breastfeeding, having children inevitably leads to more stress and a much busier schedule. A decline in healthy eating and less frequent trips to the gym are often the results.

[pullquote]The daddy do-over can be a great option to help dads to look and feel their best.[/pullquote]

The Dad Bod

As a result of the underused gym membership and habitual chicken nuggets for dinner, many dads can begin to put on extra weight, particularly in the midsection. Some men may even develop the dreaded man boobs and wonder about the possibility of male breast reduction.

Because moms don’t own the rights to vanity, men can also want a body that makes them feel sexy and confident. If parenthood and the ensuing lifestyle changes have made you reminiscent of your pre-fatherhood body, there are options for you.

The Daddy Do-Over

Like the mommy makeover, the daddy do-over entails a customizable combination of treatments and procedures to address each man’s unique concerns and problem areas. A tummy tuck can be ideal for many dads who want to have a slim, flat stomach again.

Liposuction can enhance a tummy tuck to further slim and sculpt the waist. Nonsurgical treatments, such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing, are also great options for dads who want to look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Plastic surgery for men can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, but it is up to you to ensure you maintain long-lasting results. Make sure you are following a healthy diet and exercise regimen to continue to see the results you love.

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