Slim Down for the Season with CoolSculpting in Eugene, Oregon

Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of your figure. If you spent those hot summer days hiding behind baggy clothing or avoiding the pool because of a few extra bulges, talk to Dr. Daniel about the CoolSculpting procedure. This non-invasive fat reduction procedure is very effective for getting rid of those bulges and inches that could be making you self-conscious about your figure. Undergoing this procedure now means you could be enjoying results right in time for the holidays!

Do I Really Need CoolSculpting?

Many patients who are good candidates for CoolSculpting in Eugene Oregon have considered liposuction, but did not want to go through the surgery and recovery process. CoolSculpting is an innovative, FDA-approved fat reduction technique that targets localized fatty deposits in the hips, abdomen and thighs and literally freezes the fat cells until they die. The applicator works from the outside-in so there is no surgery involved. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen after your procedure, you will see a reduction of up to 25% in the treated area within a few months.

You might be a good candidate for CoolSculpting if you:

  • Have small pockets of fat around the waist or flanks
  • Want to slim down the outer thighs without surgery
  • Want a flatter stomach without liposuction or a tummy tuck
  • Are already at a healthy weight, but have a few stubborn inches that won’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise regimen
  • Have a very busy schedule and are looking for a no-downtime procedure
  • Can be patient to see results within a few months

We perform CoolSculpting in Eugene, Oregon right in our office and it is a relatively painless procedure. The treatment takes about an hour and you can return to your regular activities right after your session. You can come in for a series of treatments for further fat reduction in larger areas. We can put together a customized treatment plan based on your goals.

If you have considered getting liposuction, but have hesitated because of the inherent risks associated with surgery and the downtime involved, talk to Dr. Daniel about this non-surgical body contouring procedure. Schedule your CoolSculpting consultation with Dr. Daniel today!

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