Earlobe Repair and Other Popular Ear Surgeries

Attractive ears add to the overall aesthetics of the face, making them a popular target for cosmetic adjustments. Though hardly discussed, ear surgery is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. Surgery on the ears typically involves the readjustment, reshaping or resizing of the ears.

Ear pinning surgery is sought out by children and adults alike to correct the appearance of overly protruding ears which may appear out of proportion with the rest of the face. Through the use of permanent sutures, the ears can be permanently readjusted closer to the face.

Earlobe repair surgery is often sought out by women who have worn heavy earrings for years. Over time, the earlobes become stretched, strained and more vulnerable to injury. Instances of trauma, where an earring is suddenly pulled from the ears, often from a hair brush or child, can also give the appearance of torn or stretched lobes.

Earlobe repair is a fairly straightforward procedure for plastic surgeons. Performed under local anesthesia and requiring almost no downtime, most patients are able to re-pierce their ears within a couple of months.

Earlobe reduction is used for those men and women who are dissatisfied with the overall size of their earlobes. As we age, the ears continue to grow, which can cause earlobe stretching or enlargement. Earlobe reduction is frequently sought out as a facial rejuvenation procedure and works by removing wedge of tissue from the lobe.

Ear surgery is not typically covered by health insurance. If you’re interested in ear surgery, anticipate the overall cost to range from $400 and $1,200.

In many cases, earlobe damage or deformity can be prevented. Consider the tips below:

• Avoid wearing heavy dangling earrings on a daily basis. Save them for special occasions.
• Do not wear dangling or hoop earring while holding or playing with a young child.
• Remove your earrings every night before bed. Always be extra careful when removing clothing.
• Always take your earrings out before combing your hair.

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Source: Huffington Post Blog

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