How to Recover from Botox

wrinkles_sleeping_Maximize your recovery

One of the things that makes Botox such an appealing cosmetic procedure to many is the promise of a speedy recovery; It doesn’t take very long at all to recover from Botox, and the recovery itself is likely to be extremely mild, comparatively speaking.

But Botox is still a medical procedure, and there are still considerations you should be aware of to best facilitate your recovery and the potential results of the procedure.

Ice The Injection Site

Bruising is one of the most common side effects of a Botox injection, but it doesn’t have to be a guarantee. By applying an ice pack or cold compress to the injection site immediately after the procedure, the risk of bruising or swelling is reduced.

Avoid Migration

This isn’t the kind of migration birds and whales are known for. The medication has been injected into target muscles that has been specifically picked by your surgeon  to have the desired result on your skin. Too much irritation or activity can, however, shift the medication around, numbing areas that were never intended to be, which can cause undesired droopiness. Avoid rubbing, massaging, or applying unnecessary pressure to the injection site, and strenuous activity for at least 24 hours, and keep your head elevated for three or four hours following your appointment. Take this day to relax, and watch your favourite movie.

Follow Up

Your recovery will more than likely not take much longer than a day, but don’t be surprised if injection site redness, swelling or bruising is still there. Full results can take anywhere between three and ten days to fully manifest. Maintain contact with your plastic surgeon in order to report any complications, and book a follow-up appointment once you’ve fully recovered in order to assure the right dosage was used, and that the desired results have been achieved.

Recovery from Botox is just as important as recovery from any other procedure. Remember these tips and make your road to recovery a quick and healthy one!

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