Jane Fonda Shares Plastic Surgery Secrets on TODAY

Fitness guru, actress and activist Jane Fonda opened up with TODAY about her recent choice to undergo plastic surgery.

Though Fonda said in the past she had no desire to get plastic surgery, she recently decided to undergo facial rejuvenation. Known for her physical health and activism, Fonda says she wanted to look as vibrant as she feels in her early 70s. After seeing a reflection of herself in a store window, Fonda settled on cosmetic improvements.

Fonda admitted on TODAY that she underwent plastic surgery on her lower eyelids, chin and neck.

Patients often choose eyelid surgery to remove small pockets of fat under the eyes, which can give the appearance of advanced age and tiredness.

Procedures of the lower face and neck, like a neck lift, work to smooth the skin and minimize the appearance of bands on the neck. Like fat beneath the eyes, these neck bands and deep lines can make a patient appear older. A facelift similarly removes visible aging on the lower face.

Although Fonda visited TODAY to speak about her new fitness DVDs for seniors and the topic of aging and health took center stage.

While she believes exercise is “the number one ingredient for successful aging,” Fonda also shared that her choice to have plastic surgery on her face bought herself some time.

Her dedication to fitness throughout her life has helped her to feel great and rested, she said, and now the face Fonda presents to the public better reflects that.

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