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The Latest Options for Fuller Lips

Paying lip service means insincerely expressing agreement, allegiance or respect. Don’t confuse this with lip augmentation, as we sincerely believe it can treat your thin or flat lips.

Injectable fillers are the most common option for lip augmentation. The best fillers for lips include Juvederm and Restylane, in addition to fat transfer using your own tissue. If you want a lip enhancement with immediate results and no downtime, fillers are probably right for you.

Injectable fillers plump up the lips and give you a full and youthful look, which is an excellent enhancement for women whose lips have gotten thinner with age. We inject the filler into the lips, taking extra care to maintain their natural lines and borders. By using a numbing cream, dental block, or filler that contains lidocaine, we can make the procedure very tolerable. The results typically last 6-12 months.

Lip Implants, made with Goretex and other materials, are an alternative option that can provide more permanent results. They are placed within the lips through a small surgical incision inside the mouth.

Before and After Lip Augmentation


Lip enhancement shapes and restores volume to the cupid’s bow, inner lip, and outer mouth, while correcting pesky lipstick lines. Contact us for more details!

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