More Than 100,000 Patients Take the Dysport Challenge

Medicis, pharmaceutical giant and makers of the popular wrinkle filler Restylane, launched a rebate promotion in March 2010 to promote its injectable wrinkle relaxer and Botox competitor Dysport.  To date, more than 100,000 patients have taken the so-called “Dysport Challenge.”

The Dysport Challenge promotion essentially rewards patients who report whether they were satisfied with their Dysport injections and intend to have the treatment again with rebates.

Satisfied Dysport customers indicate that they “Love It” and receive $150 in rebates to go toward their first Dysport treatment and the following treatment.  Dissatisfied Dysport customers who plan to switch to Botox indicate that they’d rather “Leave It,” but still receive a $75 rebate to go toward their first Dysport treatment.

Medicis reported that of all the patients who have registered for the Dysport Challenge thus far, only 2.6% have decided to “Leave It” since the program was launched, however this does not necessarily imply that patients prefer Dysport over Botox, only that they are happy with Dysport results and would use the product again.

Like patients, physicians also don’t necessarily prefer using Dysport over Botox or vice versa, as studies suggest that there are very few differences between the two products that would sway opinions in favor of one or the other.

Some physicians find it likely that injector preference for Botox or Dysport will be determined not by differences in the two products, but differences in the doctors’ loyalties to the product manufacturers and comfort level using one product over another.

Regarding the Botox vs. Dysport debate, dermatologist Dr. Michael Gold commented, “There’s a major tug-of-war going on between physicians who utilize those toxins.  Depending on whose team you’re on, your statements will generally favor that toxin over another.”

Regardless of whether you choose Dysport or Botox, the most important thing is to choose a physician who is comfortable using both products and can allow you the freedom to try either injectable without compromising your safety or aesthetic outcome.

If you’re interested in taking the Dysport Challenge and treating frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, be sure to schedule a consultation at our Eugene plastic surgery office before the promotion ends September 30, 2010.

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