Obagi: a terrific solution for uneven skin tone, melasma or hyperpigmentation

Have spots appeared on the sides of your face, chest and forehead? Did you know that in many cases, facial imperfections of this type can be easily treated and minimized?

Blotches on the face, chest and hands are fairly common, and you’ll be happy to know that we carry the Obagi® therapeutic skin care line as a possible remedy. Many are aware of Obagi® products but not everyone knows that Obagi is the top skin care line sold exclusively to physicians.

Obagi® has a reputation for its effective Nu Derm® System, also known as Corrective and Enhance®, which smoothes fine lines, fades brown spots and fixes other skin imperfections in just a few months.

Throughout the aging progresses, dark spots and uneven skin tone can affect the face.  Sometimes even a mask will appear over the nose and cheek area, especially after a pregnancy or birth control use. Obagi’s, Clear™ has prescription strength Hydroquinone to correct discoloration and equalize skin tones. Hydroquinone is the active ingredient used for its “fading” properties, which proactively corrects the early signs of damage by regulating the cell production that is responsible for skin pigment.

Prescription Obagi skin care products are far more effective than any over-the-counter product.  They are specially formulated to achieve a desired end, and they’ve become a real way to get visibly dramatic results. Obagi® is a medical grade skin care program so speaking with a physician like Dr. Daniel is necessary before purchasing.

Don’t put it off any longer! If you’re interested in lightening those dark spots on your face, chest and hands with Clear™ or are interested in other Obagi® products give us a call at (541) 687-8900 or request a free consultation here. You’ll look better and then you feel so much better about your one and only face.

Perhaps you know someone who has pigmentation problems?  Have them get in touch with us. We now know if this type of problem goes untreated and if sun exposure continues, these areas can darken to the point where even make up won’t cover them up. Anyone that has wrestled with these problems should know this firsthand.

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