Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss May Improve Results

Women who lose a great amount of weight with surgical interventions often prefer the results of breast reduction after weight loss, according to a new study published by the ASPS.

The study aimed to determine whether results were better if patients chose breast reduction surgery following bariatric surgery or before. To determine this, the study followed 29 women who had a body mass index that was considered obese and had lost more than 50 pounds. Some of the women underwent breast reduction before the weight-loss surgery, while the rest of the group underwent the plastic surgery after bariatric surgery.

As losing a great deal of weight through bariatric surgery can leave loose skin, 86 percent of the women who had the breast reduction first felt their breasts looked worse after bariatric surgery. In this case, half of the women said they planned to have further corrective surgery on their breasts.

While these women said they did not regret having the breast reduction performed as they did see its benefits, they said they would likely recommend plastic surgery after bariatric surgery to a friend.

Of the women who did not have breast reduction prior to bariatric surgery, 71 percent disliked the appearance of their breasts after the weight-loss surgery. Half of these women planned to have corrective surgery performed on their breasts.

To correct a sagging or drooping breast, which can be caused by dramatic weight loss, your plastic surgeon performs a reduction mammaplasty. In this procedure, your plastic surgeon will make careful incisions under the breast and along the breast crease and remove excess skin. The nipple areola will then be moved to a more youthful position. This procedure not only improves the aesthetics of the breasts, but can alleviate health issues like back and neck pain and improve the ability to exercise.

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