The Best Body Contouring Options for Busy Dads

Father carrying child on his shoulders.Time catches up with us all. For many dads, the first signs of aging start to show not long after their kids are born. From excess fat to loose skin, the dad bod look can leave many men feeling not so great about themselves.

Luckily, there are body sculpting options for men that don’t require surgery and the associated downtime.


EMSCULPT® is one of the newer non-surgical body contouring med spa treatments that men can use to transform their bodies without taking any time off work. Even the appointments can be done during a typical lunch break.

[pullquote]Busy dads can address their problem areas in as little as an hour thanks to med spa treatments.[/pullquote]

EMSCULPT from the Guy Side med spa in Eugene allows men to eliminate fat, build muscle and tighten skin. If you are overall healthy but have some stubborn fat pockets and aren’t fitting in all the workouts you wish you could, EMSCULPT might be the solution. Many use it as an alternative to liposuction. However, the results are not as dramatic, and clients should note that, as with any procedure, results vary.


CoolSculpting® is another non-surgical method that addresses excess fat. However, it doesn’t have the ability to also build muscle. As a result, it is favored by men who work out regularly but have a stubborn layer of fat keeping their toned muscles hidden away.

If a healthy diet and time in the gym aren’t delivering the results you want, you don’t need to just accept your body as it is, nor do you need to get plastic surgery. Instead, schedule a med spa treatment for body contouring at a time that is convenient for you.

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