The Permanent Makeup Makeover: A ‘Recession Proof’ Treatment

Look Great, Spend Less – permanent makeup is quickly becoming the choice alternative for cosmetic enhancement on a budget.

Permanent makeup artists create the illusion of bold features: they can create perfectly shaped eyebrows by embedding colored pigment right into the skin, enhance the eyelids with permanent eyeliner, or create the illusion of fuller, younger-looking lips by ‘filling in’ their lips with a shade of pink or red.

The procedure creates a subtler look than a traditional tattoo and allows many people to enhance the facial vibrance that has diminished because of age, illness, or other factors.

For pure convenience, permanent makeup shortens the daily ritual of applying makeup before work or other social functions.  Patients say they especially love it in the summer months because it’s waterproof, so their eyes still look attractive and vibrant after activities like swimming or exercising.

To minimize risks, you should always choose someone with several years of experience in permanent makeup application. Ask to see photos of other patients who received the same treatment, or talk to former patients if possible.

Permanent makeup only requires a topical anesthetic. Healing can take up to two weeks depending on the type of tattoo. Permanent Makeup is in-demand,  so call our Eugene, Oregon office today to find out more about the permanent makeover.

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