There Are a Few Tricks to Know How Big Is Too Big for Breast Implants

Daniel - woman in white push up bra on gray background, perfect female breastBreast implants aren’t “one size fits all.” Even if five women say they want D-cup breasts, the right volume of implants will vary based on their height, shoulder width and more.

This makes settling on a specific amount of volume difficult for many women considering breast augmentation. They don’t want to go so small that the difference isn’t noticeable, but going too big can be even worse. So, how can you know how big is too big for breast implants?

Factors to Consider

Before you settle on an implant size, or even the cup size you wish to achieve, think through the following factors that determine how big is too big for you.

Physical Activity

Do you play golf or tennis? Or take part in any other sport where a larger chest could limit your range of motion? If so, you may want your implants to be fairly modest to avoid interfering with athletic activities.

Body Proportions

[pullquote]Bigger isn’t always better with breast implants. You want an attractive, balanced figure after plastic surgery.[/pullquote]

When it comes to attractive breasts, bigger isn’t always better. The goal should be to increase breast volume so they are in balance with and complement your overall proportions. You want to look balanced, not like your chest is so heavy, you might fall over.

Your Goals

Finally, it’s important to make sure you have realistic goals for your final breast augmentation results. When looking at before and after breast implant photos, try to focus on those of women with similar body shapes and sizes to yours.

With these factors in mind, you can test drive implants by using the rice test or with inserts provided to you by your plastic surgeon.

Of course, the best way to avoid going too big is to work with a qualified plastic surgeon. To learn the right breast implant size for you, call us at 541-687-8900 or head to our contact page to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel.


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