Thermage Inc. Renamed Solta Medical – New Website and Branding Unveiled

Thermage Inc., the popular skin tightening device manufacturer, has “turned a new page” in medical aesthetics ‘Solta Medical’ is their new corporate name and a new branding style has been created for the Thermage product.

The changes follow the company’s purchase of California based fractional laser manufacturer, Reliant Technologies; a deal that was initiated last year for approximately $87.5 million.  Reliant Tech was known for producing the successful fraxel brand of laser skin resurfacing systems, a brand which is now under the umbrella of Solta Medical.

Both brands (Thermage and fraxel) recently launched new, more user-friendly websites that present a clear departure from their previously seen, ultra-clinical designs.

A new stock ticker symbol will be recognized as “SLTM” on the Nasdaq.

In a recent press release, President Stephen J. Fanning commented, “the name and ticker symbol changes are a great start to the New Year and a key milestone in the integration of the acquisition of Reliant Technologies Inc.”

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