Get Your Body Back After Baby with a Tummy Tuck in Oregon

Maintaining a sleek and toned midsection after having children can be impossible for many women because the abdominal muscles can stretch out and excess skin around the midsection can create a “pooch” that is difficult to hide.

If you’re self-conscious about your figure after pregnancy, talk to Dr. Daniel about the tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Daniel may recommend a full or limited tummy tuck—depending upon the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. You can get your pre-pregnancy figure back with a tummy tuck in Oregon and other procedures like breast implants as part of your mommy makeover. Isn’t it time for you to live beautiful again?

Do I Really Need a Tummy Tuck in Oregon?

Even though the tummy tuck procedure is a fairly extensive procedure, many women are very satisfied with the results because they know they could not have achieved the look they wanted with diet and exercise alone. If you have loose skin around the midsection, no amount of exercising or dieting will tighten up skin that has already lost its elasticity. This procedure may be exactly what you need.

Some of the reasons why you might need a tummy tuck in Oregon, include:

  • To achieve a more proportionate and balanced figure
  • To get rid of excess skin and stretch marks around the midsection
  • To maintain a flat stomach and six-pack without reducing body fat through just diet and exercise
  • To restore stretched muscles along the abdominal wall
  • To achieve and maintain a smaller waist size
  • To get rid of stubborn fatty pockets around the midsection permanently

If you want to look great in your clothes again and maintain your pre-pregnancy figure, consider the benefits of a tummy tuck. This cosmetic procedure removes excess skin and fat from the lower and middle abdomen. Dr. Daniel
can also tighten up the muscles of the abdominal wall, which are often stretched and weakened by pregnancy.

Call 541-687-SKIN to set up your tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Daniel today. His
expertise has helped many women in your same position, which has earned him many accolades—including #1 Cosmetic Surgeon for the Readers Choice Award in
the Register Guard. Financing is available for those who qualify.

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