Xeomin Injectable Wrinkle Relaxer Reaches U.S.

Xeomin_logoXeomin, a botulinum type A injectable treatment made by German pharmaceutical giant Merz, was finally FDA-approved to join Botox and Dysport on the U.S. market in late September, after having been available in Europe since 2008.

Xeomin will likely compete with Botox and Dysport for a share of patients seeking to reduce forehead creases and frown lines, however it is currently FDA-approved only for therapeutic use in treating neuromuscular conditions, including cervical dystonia, blepharospasm and other forms of focal dystonia.

Like other botulinum type A injectables, Xeomin can temporarily treat painful muscular tension and spasticity, as well as dynamic wrinkles, or expression lines, that can cause deep furrows and creases to form over time.

Some physicians anticipate that Xeomin will be better than Dysport and Botox for treating neuromuscular conditions, as the lack of complexing proteins in the product should prevent antibody formation and ensure that treatments are effective.

Others speculate that Dysport and Botox will be better than Xeomin for cosmetic wrinkle treatment, as Xeomin’s tendency to spread or migrate away from the injection site may lead to negative outcomes, including a crooked smile or drooping eyebrows.

But the only scientifically-proven difference that sets Xeomin apart from its competitors at present is the fact that it will not require refrigeration prior to reconstitution.  This would make using Xeomin slightly more convenient for physicians but would do little to benefit consumers.

Xeomin will be distributed in 50- and 100-unit vials, and its unit measurements will be about equal to Botox units.  The price of Xeomin per-unit will probably be about the same as the cost of Botox, and although Xeomin’s launch may increase the competition amongst injectable wrinkle relaxers, it is unlikely it will cause a significant decrease in cosmetic treatment prices.

It is important to remember that the success of your treatment with wrinkle-relaxing injectables is less dependent on the formulation of the product than the skill of the physician administering your injections.  So, whether you choose Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to treat your 11’s and horizontal forehead lines, seek an experienced Eugene plastic surgeon to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

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