4 Tips to Help Say Goodbye to Your Tattoo Even Faster

You may have heard that having a tattoo removed takes several treatments to be successful. There are also some things you can do to get better results, faster. To understand how these tips can help, you have to understand that tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink particles and allowing them to be eliminated by your body’s own natural processes.

1. Stay Out of the Sun

The more your skin contrasts with your tattoo ink, the better the laser will be able to differentiate between the two during the tattoo removal process. In between treatments at the medical spa, avoid sun exposure and tanning to help speed up the results. If you must be out in the sun, cover your tattoos or wear high SPF sunscreen and reapply often.

[pullquote]It’s important to avoid sun damage, even more so if you’re receiving tattoo removal treatments.[/pullquote]

2. Don’t Smoke

Smoking constricts blood vessels, inhibiting blood flow. This slows down the rate at which particles travel through your bloodstream and exit your body. If you smoke, it’s best to quit during the time you’re going in for tattoo removal treatments.

3. Exercise

Exercising regularly boosts circulation, which helps move the ink particles from your body more quickly. There is also evidence that exercising helps your immune system to operate at optimal levels. When your immune system is functioning properly, it will work to rid you of foreign bodies (like tattoo ink particles).

4. Get Plenty of Rest

One of the tattoo removal tips that can be most difficult to adhere to is getting enough sleep. Skipping out on sleep wreaks havoc on your health. Do it regularly and your immune system will suffer. As previously mentioned, you’ll need a healthy immune system to move that ink out of your system.

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