Thermage Introduces Comfort Pulse Technology

A few weeks ago, Solta Medical launched the new Thermage CPT system, a technological advance that is sure to improve the experience of patients undergoing skin tightening treatment.

Photo courtesy of R. Krueger MD

Photo courtesy of R. Krueger MD

What the company is calling “proprietary Comfort Pulse Technology” allows therapeutic heat to be delivered more effectively across the treated area, which is said to provide a “more efficient skin tightening treatment.”  The new system also includes a special vibrating hand piece for added comfort.

Professionals like Robert Weiss, MD, with the Maryland Laser, Skin and Vein Institute say the improvements brought by the CPT system allow more energy delivery with greater comfort; in turn, physicians can “provide a more efficacious treatment and increase overall patient satisfaction.”

Solta Medical spokespersons say the technology is “a leap forward.”  CEO Stephen J. Fanning says, “[CPT] is not just an incremental improvement – it is a step change in non-surgical anti-aging technology, allowing physicians to achieve better patient outcomes in less time and with more comfort than ever before.”

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